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How to Convert Airtime To Money – Full Guide

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There are times when getting our money back for the airtime we recharged today is really necessary.
Indeed, we have all been there. Do you not think so? Consider this: How many times have you needed to transfer money to a friend but unintentionally recharged your cell bundle instead? Or perhaps you intended to recharge a specific amount but inadvertently included additional zeros or other digits?
This article is helpful in that regard. Are you wondering how to swap airtime for cash in Nigeria? Read on for more information!

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Convert Airtime to Cash in Nigeria for All Networks (MTN, Glo, Airtel, & 9mobile)

Using VTU

Convert Airtime

Go to the VTU website or get the VTU app from Google Play for your smartphone.
Go into your VTU account or register for a new account. The airtime to cash conversion page opens when you click the Convert Airtime to Cash link in the navigation menu.
To prevent errors, carefully read the page’s key remarks, or directions. To convert airtime, select the mobile network you wish to use.
When converting MTN airtime to cash, choose MTN; otherwise, choose the network whose airtime you wish to convert to cash.

On the VTU website, enter your legitimate user email address or carefully verify that the email address that is shown on the screen is your actual email address. The wallet will be credited to that email address.
Make sure the phone number is valid before entering the one from which you wish to send the airtime. The amount of airtime you wish to convert to cash should be entered.
Per conversion, there is a 1,000 minimum and a 50,000 maximum limit. Verify that the amount displayed on the page under “amount to receive” is precisely calculated at the designated percentage.

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In the “our phone number” section, copy the phone number that appears. To receive the cash equivalent of the given airtime to cash conversion rate, you will transfer the airtime to this number.
Enter*600*OUR_PHONE_NUMBER*AMOUNT*PIN# to transfer airtime to the phone number that appears in the “our phone number” box.
Last but not least, submit your request by clicking the “Convert Airtime to Cash” button on the screen. Upon submission confirmation, your VTU wallet will be immediately credited with cash.
Access your local bank account at any time by withdrawing your cash (wallet balance).

Using Recharge2Cash

General Instructions:

Convert Airtime

Make a Request
Select the network you like to convert to cash on the website, enter the credit amount and the phone number the airtime is in, and then click Proceed with Transaction.
You should now transfer the airtime to the phone number that appears. After sending the credit to that phone within six minutes, be sure you hit Convert Airtime.

In the meanwhile, select Cancel to stop sharing if you’re not ready to send the airtime yet or if you’ve gone over the allotted six minutes.
Then, try again when you’re ready. The phone number you provided on the form and the one used to transmit the airtime must match. The credit amount that you sent and the amount that you gave must also match.
The system will treat your request as void and invalid if you don’t follow these guidelines. Please be aware that Recharge2Cash does not accept VTU.
Again, it is NOT acceptable to receive stolen or fraudulent airtime, and if proven true, you will be arrested. Your hourly covert limit if you have multiple airtime is ₦20,000.

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Your wallet will be funded in five to fifteen minutes after you successfully transfer airtime to the Recharge2Cash phone number. At that point, you can withdraw money to your local bank.

Account Verification Requirement

Before converting your airtime to cash, you might need to confirm your Recharge2Cash account. Please go to Profile >> Account Verification and update your identity and BVN documents there.
Methods for Transferring
Note: The maximum amount of airtime to cash you can convert on Recharge2Cash in an hour is $20,000.



The daily transfer limit on Glo EasyShare is ₦6000, while the maximum transfer (at once) is ₦1000.
For example, if you wish to convert 5,000 airtime, you must transfer 5,000 times. 00000 is your default PIN for airtime transfers.
To change it, dial *132*OLDPIN*NEWPIN*NEWPIN# (ensure the new PIN consists of five digits). If you’ve changed it previously and are having trouble remembering, call 121.
To move airtime, enter *131*phone-number*amount*PIN#. Removal To transfer money to your bank account, click the withdrawal page, enter your account information, and select a PIN to keep money out of the hands of unauthorized people.
Your account will be credited in five to fifteen minutes. Please be aware that the only money you may withdraw is from Airtime to Cash.



MTN Share (previously Share ‘N’ Sell) is ₦5000, while the daily transfer cap is ₦100,000 per SIM card. For example, you have to send 5k twice if you wish to convert 10k Airtime.
Dial *600*phone number*amount*PIN# to make a transfer. If you don’t have a PIN, you can set a new PIN like 1234 in place of the default 0000.
In order to alter your airtime transfer PIN to 1234, dial: *600*0000*1234*1234#. Please be aware that you will need to dial 180 to reach your network provider in order to reset your airtime transfer PIN if you have changed it and can’t remember it. There is no maximum amount.


With a 9mobile, you can transfer up to ₦20,000 airtime at once. Each SIM card has a daily transfer cap of ₦100,000.
Kindly remember that the policy is 20k per hour! The airtime transfer PIN for 9mobile is 0000 by default.
You must dial *247*0000*NEWPIN# to alter it to any 4-digit number of your choosing.
Call 200 to reset your airtime transfer PIN if you’ve changed it in the past and are having trouble remembering it.
Dial *223*PIN*amount*phone-number# to transfer airtime.



Use Airtel Me2U. However, keep in mind that you can only convert up to ₦20,000 every hour on Recharge2Cash. 1234 is your PIN by default.
Please dial *432# and follow the prompt on the screen to modify your default PIN for airtime transfers. To transfer airtime, dial 4321phone number amount*PIN# after you are done.
Please be advised that calling 111 will assist in resetting your airtime transfer PIN if you have changed it and are unable to recall it.


The two most popular methods for turning extra airtime into cash in Nigeria is we have shown you in this piece. This might happen, particularly if you inadvertently replenish more airtime than you require or if a friend or relative gives you airtime as a present, but you really need the money. All of your inquiries on how to reverse an airtime purchase from a bank and how to convert airtime to cash have finally been addressed.
Keep in mind that there are many more places where you can exchange airtime for cash, and they all essentially operate according to the same guidelines as mentioned previously. You might also think about offering to sell the extra airtime to others for cash. It is thought that you have benefited most from this post. To assist your friends, family, and coworkers as well, don’t forget to forward the link to this post to them.

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