How to block a stolen ATM Card in Nigeria | Step by Step

How to Block Stolen ATM Card In Nigeria

Losing an ATM card that grants access to all of your cash is among the most traumatizing experiences one can have. The first line of defense for your funds in the event of a compromised, lost, or stolen card is to block the ATM. Since using ATMs and digital banking have become more common, there is a greater chance of card fraud.

How to block stolen ATM Card

For this reason, it is essential to understand how to quickly and safely block your card in order to stop unwanted access to your account. Typically, to complete this procedure, you will need to get in touch with your bank, use mobile banking applications, or utilize online banking services.

By being aware of the steps and choices you have when barring your ATM card, you can protect your hard-earned money from potential dangers and react quickly in an emergency.

The steps for blocking your ATM card and preventing illegal access to your bank account will be outlined in this article.

1. Contact your bank’s customer service.

As soon as you realize your ATM card is gone, you must immediately get in touch with your bank’s customer care department. Numerous banks have a dedicated, round-the-clock customer support hotline. The phone number for customer support at your bank may be found on your account statement, on the bank’s website, or on the back of your debit or credit card. Provide them every data of your account when you get in touch with them so they can verify it.

Customer Care line of Nigeria banks

How to block stolen ATM Card

UBA – 07002255822 or Email:

Access Bank – 07003000000, 01-2802500, 01-2712005-7.

Zenith Bank – 012787000, 012927000 and 014647000.

GTBank – 0700GTConnect (0700482666328), 01-4480000, 08039003900, or 08029002900.

Unity Bank – 07057323227, 07080666000 or 07057323226. Or Email:

Fidelity Bank – 070034335489 or email them via or

Sterling Bank – 070078375464 or you can also reach them through their Social media handles.

Keystone Bank – 070020003000 or send them mail via

2. Report any theft or loss.

You will need to speak with a customer service agent from the bank after giving them the details of your verified account. You will let them know if your ATM card is lost or stolen. They will walk you through the process of quickly disabling your card.

The customer service agent will often want particular information, including your account number, credit card number, and any recent transactions. Giving precise information will facilitate a quicker procedure.

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3. Check Transactions

The customer support agent can ask you to confirm recent transactions to make sure they are authentic as a security precaution. By taking this step, you may assist the bank determine whether there have been any fraudulent transactions on your account and enable them to take the necessary action. To ensure that the information you supply is accurate, make sure to examine your most recent transactions.

4. Request for Deactivation of Your Card

Request that your ATM card be deactivated as away once the bank has confirmed the loss or theft and validated your identification. This will stop anyone from using the card to make purchases or withdraw money in the future. Additionally, some banks could offer a temporary freeze feature that lets you reactivate the card if you find it later. Some banks could decide to change cards permanently.

5. Monitor Your Account

Use mobile applications or internet banking to monitor your bank account closely while you wait for your replacement card to arrive. Examine your transactions on a regular basis to look for any unusual behavior. Report any illegal transactions you come across right away to your bank.

6. Get Your Replacement Card

You will receive a new card when your old one is deactivated, which may be shipped to your registered address or picked up at your bank’s local office, depending on your bank’s rules. To guarantee a seamless transaction, adhere to the bank’s instructions.

How to Block your ATM using your bank’s mobile application:

Currently, you can directly disable your ATM card using the mobile banking apps that many Nigerian banks offer. Here’s the basic procedure (for precise stages, see the app for your particular bank):

Enter your secure PIN and username to log in to your mobile banking app.

Go to the card administration section (bank-specific instructions may differ).

Find the ATM card blocking option.

Select the particular card that you wish to prohibit.

To confirm the blocking request, adhere to the on-screen instructions.

Usually, as soon as the card is blocked, you’ll get a confirmation message on your phone.

How to Block your Atm using USSD code:

In an emergency, you can also disable your stolen ATM card by calling the USSD code. Here are the steps.

Go to your phone’s call log

Enter the USSD code for your bank, which is provided below.

Follow the on-screen instructions.

Upon successfully following the instructions, your debit card will be automatically blocked by your bank.

These are some of the USSD code for some popular banks in Nigeria

First Bank: *894*911#

Access Bank: *901*911#

UBA: *919*911#

Zenith Bank: *966*911#

GTBank: *737*51*74#

Stanbic bank: *909*29#

Fidelity bank: *770*911#

EcoBank *326*911#

WEMA Bank: *945*911#

Keystone Bank: *7111*911#

FCMB: *329*911#

Sterling Bank: *822*911#

How to Block your Atm using SMS:

By sending an SMS to the bank that issued the card, you can also disable your ATM card. To block your ATM card by SMS, send a text message to your bank’s specified SMS number with the proper card blocking phrase. To finish the procedure, adhere to the directions given in the bank’s SMS answer. These are the steps for some nigerian

GTbank card – Using the phone number you have associated with your bank account, send HOTLIST NUBAN to 08076665555. NUBAN stands for Nigeria Uniform Bank Account Number, thus when sending the text, replace it with your account information. For instance, enter HOTLIST 0172586756 and send it to 08076665555.

Union Bank — Send “BLOCK CARD NUBAN” to 20123. An example, if your account number is 0172586756, you would type BLOCK CARD 0773987675 in your SMS box and send it to 20123.

Wema Bank— send “CARD ATM OFF” to 33352

Stanbic Bank – Block card NUBAN and send to 30909. An example, Block card 0172586756 to 30909. The account number should be 0172586756.


Although losing your ATM card might be incredibly upsetting, you can manage the situation and safeguard your funds by taking these easy actions. Keep in mind that you must act right away to stop any illegal access to your bank account.

You may lessen the effect that a lost or stolen ATM card has on your financial security by getting in touch with your bank’s customer care, reporting the loss, confirming transactions, asking for card deactivation, keeping an eye on your account, and picking up your replacement card.

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